Retail Tech Revolution: Transforming the Retail Future
Seminar-conference on the latest technologies, their application in retail, and new retail development strategies
by Boris Agatov
You have already attended dozens of events that focused on retrospective discussions and summaries of the past. We propose to STOP LOOKING BACK and engage in a serious, substantive, and well-supported conversation about the FUTURE.

Boris Agatov, an independent expert in retail innovation, has carefully selected technologies and trends that have the potential to greatly transform the retail world. He has invited experts from around the globe to join in this discussion. These technologies are either in the early stages of implementation in the retail industry and show great promise, or they have already proven themselves in other sectors and are on the verge of emerging in the retail space.

Which trends and technologies should we embrace? What tools are companies worldwide choosing, and why? What should we learn now to become industry leaders?

2 streams
10 presentations
We have invited speakers from Europe... well as speakers from major Russian
innovation companies.
Key themes of the conference
  • Neural networks
    Practical Applications and Future Perspectives of AI Technologies in Retail
  • Avatars

    Digital Twins: The Benefits of Customer Digitization in Retail
  • Blockchain

    The hype around cryptocurrencies may have subsided, but blockchain technology remains and is proving to be incredibly useful!
  • 2034

    Everything Will Change: A Decade-Long Perspective on the Future of Retail

We believe in face-to-face personal communication, in the chemistry of business small-talks, in the power of context and the moment, and in the benefits of asking "uncomfortable questions" even to the most renowned speakers. We know of numerous examples where serendipity brought together individuals on a platform who later went on to build highly successful collaborative projects.

That's why we choose offline events.

Who will benefit from it?
  • Retail strategists
  • Business owners
  • Strategic marketing professionals
  • Operations directors
  • Retail directors
  • Specialists involved in innovation within companies
Topics of speeches and panel discussions

  • Retail 2024-2034: Unpredictable Paths of Development
  • Digital Twins in Retail: Applying the Experience of Manufacturing, Telecom, Logistics, and Telecom to Retail. New Levels of Automation and Planning
  • Practical Applications and Life Hacks of Midjourney Neural Network, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, and Chat Claude. Perspectives on Their Implementation in Retail
  • Internet of Things (IoT): Opportunities for Business Process Optimization and Workforce Replacement. The Impact of IoT on Smart Stores and the Connected Supply Chain
  • How Blockchain Technology is Used to Enhance Transparency and Traceability in the Supply Chain
  • The Impact of Autonomous Robots on Retail Operations. Progress in Robotic Automation (Warehousing, Store Operations, Delivery)
  • The Role of Machine Learning in Personalizing the Customer Experience
  • Utilizing Virtual and Augmented Reality in Product Visualization and Design
  • Workshop on Small Improvements Leading to Big Impact: Retail Experience in Enhancing Business Processes and Customer Experience through Easy Enhancements
  • New Formats of Retail and Changing Consumer Behavior under the Influence of New Technologies
You will depart with knowledge and understanding of how to apply them in your business.
The participation fee is 25,000 rubles
until August 15th.
After that, the fee will be 35,000 rubles.
Time and Location
The event will be held at a modern, technologically advanced loft in the heart of Moscow
Please write to us if you or your company have innovative experience and are willing to share it at the conference.
Boris Agatov
Expert in retail innovations, futurist, and content creator
Advertising. Partnership. Collaborations.
Speakers. Media and Marketing. Organizational Matters.
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